C31HD-25mm Teeth by Foundation Drilling Tools: Optimal for Tunnel Boring and Drilling


Foundation Drilling Tools offers a range of professional equipment specifically designed for tunnel boring and drilling. One of their products is the C31HD-25mm Teeth, which are popular and effective in demanding excavating jobs.

General Information About The C31HD-25mm Teeth

These teeth are optimized for tunnel boring and drilling applications because they offer strong performance and are built to withstand tough working environments.

Significance of choosing the right teeth for tunnel boring and drilling

Determining the right teeth for your tunnel boring and drilling equipment is vital to the success of a project, cutting down on time wasted and potential downtimes.

Product Specifications

The C31HD-25mm Teeth from foundation drilling tools are made of premium materials, with a 25mm shank diameter and special alloy to improve wear and cutting properties.

Description: C31HD-25mm Teeth

1. Material Composition: Constructed from a specific metal that is neither too soft nor too hard, making it highly durable and reliable.

2. Design Features: The teeth are molded with smooth contours to enhance cutting and debris clearance, minimizing tool wear.

Applications in Tunnel Boring

• Soft Ground Tunneling is good for use in cohesive soils and other soft formations where accurate cutting is required.

• Hard Rock Tunneling: Resistant to difficult conditions by being able to cut and stay blunt for long periods.

Advantages of using C31HD-25mm Teeth in tunneling projects

• Enhanced Efficiency: Enables shorter periods of excavation through sharpness and effective cutting.

• Cost Savings: Reduces downtime and replacement costs because of its solid build.

• Versatility: It can be applied to various ground types, which makes it versatile for a range of tunneling endeavors.

Performance in Drilling Operations

• Cutting Speed: Enables faster penetration rates as compared to conventional teeth geometries.

• Wear Resistance: Does not require frequent replacement of the teeth since it remains sharp and efficient even with long usage.

Key Performance Indicators And Application In Several Drilling Operations

• Case Study 1: Reduced the time taken to drill a hole in granite by 20% in a construction site in the urban area.

• Case Study 2: Minimize the maintenance downtime by 30% in a large-scale foundation drilling operation.

Comparison With Other Teeth Options

• Versus Conventional Teeth: Provides up to 15% greater cutting performance in abrasive environments.

• Versus Carbide Teeth: Offers similar performance at a lower price and, therefore, is best for many drilling applications since it is cheap.

Installation and Maintenance

• Installation Guidelines: Make sure that the teeth are well secured and well aligned to prevent them from wearing out or breaking off early.

• Maintenance Tips: Cleaning teeth and holders, removing debris that may have accumulated and thus ensuring that the cutting tools are effective.

Policies for the installation and maintenance of C31HD-25mm Teeth

1. Installation Process: Utilize torque wrenches to obtain proper tightening torque for each tooth.

2. Maintenance Schedule: Perform a regular schedule check on the wear patterns of the teeth and change the teeth if they are worn out.

Strategies For Enhancing Longevity And Productivity

• Keep Teeth Sharp: The teeth should be sharpened frequently in order to retain the cutting edge.

• Monitor Wear: Replace teeth as soon as signs of wear indicators point to the need for replacement.


Using Foundation Drilling Tools C31HD-25mm Teeth is preferable in tunnel boring and drilling processes due to their sturdiness, productivity, and affordability. Whether the operator is excavating soft ground or working on hard rock, these teeth perform and are very reliable. When preparing for your next project, think about incorporating C31HD-25mm Teeth into your drills to increase efficiency and decrease expense.


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