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Welcome to Corporita where working women all over the world learn, grow, connect and share!

Hanan Awaad CEO Corporita Inc.
Hanan Awaad
Corporita Inc.

Any working woman needs support, mentoring and help to pave her way to success. That’s why we have founded Corporita Magazine:  to provide inspiration and guidance to working women all over the world.

Corporita Magazine is an online magazine for working women, by  working women. Our contents are relevant, compelling and oriented towards all working women – because today’s work is done in all kinds of places and in various career models. Whether you work in an office environment, farming your own garden, working from your home office or selling your hand-made craft, Corporita Magazine is just for you. Whether you are searching for career advice, tips on how to manage your business or house budget, a quick and easy recipe or the latest fashion trends, Corporita Magazine is for you.

We’re building a platform and an active online community which is intended to be the go-to place for working women of all backgrounds to directly share their experiences, ideas and wisdom with other like-minded women. We believe that we all have a lot to learn from each other, and Corporita Magazine is the medium we can all use to do just that.

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