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By Hanan Awwad

Hanan Awaad Publisher-at-Large Corporita Magazine
Hanan Awaad
Corporita Magazine

Many career women work in male-dominating environments . Sometimes they try to blend in hiding in strange looking suits and not so trendy shirts. However , many of these women started to educate themselves bit-by-bit how to dress-to-impress.

There is a movement among women who became interested in sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle. From energy and water saving to urban agriculture and sustainable living ; those women found ways to look stylish and trendy, yet keep leading a sustainable lifestyle.

When it comes to eco-friendly fashion our team have identified six fashion trends that make looking good easy and sustainable. Whatever your style is, there is something satisfying yet interesting about being an eco-fashionista.

Trend (1) : Conscience-based Shopping

Fashionistas following this trend believe that buying fair-trade clothes helps the poor workers in developing countries sustain a decent life  , creates better work environments, and supports independent cooperatives and trade unions in those countries.

Trend (2) : Vintage , Pre-loved, and Re-purposed Clothes

Whether she is lady-like , romantic , easy-going, adventurous or Type-A , she is an eco-fashionista
Whether she is ladylike , romantic , easy-going, adventurous or Type-A , she is an eco-fashionista

A handbag cut from an old pair of jeans, a dress transformed into a new wrap skirt, or an infinity scarf cut from an old t-shirt … those gals always try to re-purpose their old clothes , bring life to loved garments, ignite their creativity, and, of course, save their money while  saving the planet.

Trend (3) : Organic Clothes

These ladies go for organic airy fibers such as cotton or linen, which have not seen any harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Such fibers are lightweight, durable and comfy.

Trend (4) : Clothes Recycling

In almost all developed countries, there are textile recycling programs. In addition, there are many fashion design houses that use on recycled textiles in designing and producing trendy ready-to-wear garments that suit all tastes.

Trend (5) : Anti-consumerism

This trend is for activists who opt for key versatile garment pieces with high quality, and usually in neutral colors, and in the best possible fit. They are creative  and know how to mix-and-match pieces to create a new outfit every day. They have a sense that drives them to always add glamorous, statement accessories to showcase their elegant style.

Trend (6): Fashion Footprints

There is nothing more satisfying than taking an informed decision. Those eco-fashion fanatics do an extensive research to find out which companies implement sustainable production practices, saves money, and water, and make them their preferred suppliers and go-to fashion houses.

Read Wear No Evil to learn more about eco-fashion.

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