Tools Social Media Gurus Use

5- Social Clout

I believe that what gets measured gets managed … and what gets managed gets improved. I am a big fan of analytics as it allows me to understand the big picture of our digital branding efforts. To be able to understand your audience you need to monitor what they liked and shared, Social Clout enables you to do so by tracking engagements on your social media platforms and defining valuable parameters such as demographics and conversion rates on different platforms. Learning your metrics using Social Clout will allow you to budget right and increase you Return On Investment (ROI).

At the end, I’d like to emphasize that you can master your brand by observing how social media experts manage their marketing and branding processes and learning which tools they use. Give yourself to learn about and try different tools. Once you feel comfortable using a tool , you will be able to monitor your e-presence and tweak your social media strategy and tactics until you reach the desired outcome.

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