Tools Social Media Gurus Use

3- Edgar

edgarEdgar is the best friend of our Community Manager; she cannot stop praising it. She came with the strategy of recycling our older posts, to allow more people to engage with our popular articles. Edgar enabled us to frequently repost our old contents to allow our new followers to read our amazing stories.

Some of the features that make Edgar a fantastic tool preferred by social media gurus are its smart capability to categorize and group contents based on topic targeted audience and the suitable time to share throughout the day. Such analytical capabilities guarantee the highest engagement with our fans. Posts are arranged in a queue that allows posts to be re-added to the end of the queue to be shared later. This way with no hassle, Edgar gives you an endless supply of posts and updates that will make your fans fully engaged with your social media channel.

Originally posted 2016-06-25 06:34:13.

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