Time Management; You Are Doing It Wrong

Sprinting vs marathoning

Runners who run a 200-meter race run at a different pace than a marathoner. Customers and employers pay for the agreed upon results, not the number of hours you are checking in. So deciding to work the sprinting way or the marathoning way depends on which one is the right approach to higher productively and effectively.
In consulting, marathoning might work in those assignments when you need to take enough time to conduct interviews, perform your analysis and collect all the data you need, then you speed up when everything is in place and you finalize your deliverables. On the other hand, sprinting might work better when you hire sub-contractors and you need things get done as fast as possible.
It also depends on your personal capabilities. You might be a slow reader – like me – who needs a couple of hours to read a 40-pages report thoroughly, or you could have a sharp mind and a work style that allow doing things on the go.

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