Time Management; You Are Doing It Wrong

Analyse Your Time Utilization

Analyse Your Time Utilization
Analyse Your Time Utilization

Get a piece of paper. Draw four columns: Task; From; To; and Remarks. Keep this log with you all the time for a week – an active, busy week. Keep logging in the time you spend on each and every task or activity you do during your work hours. At the end of the week, analyse how do you utilise your time. if you perform two tasks or activities simultaneously, such as commuting and listening to audiobooks, highlight this in the ‘Remarks’ column and count it only once using the value-adding activity (listening to audiobooks not commuting). Then, sum all the hours you spent on similar tasks.
My time utilization analysis looked like the following:
25% writing and editing
15% technical tasks
15% browsing and researching
25% face-to-face meetings and business development activities
20% wasted time in non-value-adding activities
This analysis made me realize two things: (1) I can delegate some tasks to other members of my team to free up some time for other important tasks that only me can perform; and that I need to find ways to save the quarter of my time that is been wasted on non-value-adding activities. The time utilisation analysis made me design some tools to keep myself on track and align the way I value and utilise my time to my business priorities.

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