Ten Steps to The Best Night Routine Ever

Your day is determined by night before. When creating a set of nightly rituals bear in mind your goals of creating such a routine. Your goals might include:
– Organize your physical environment and clean up the house;
– Save time in the morning by laying down your outfit;
– Reflect on the day like Benjamin Franklin;
– To wash your face and brush your teeth the same way your mama trained you since you were six;
Whatever your goals are, make sure to include them in your nightly routine.
Here are ten steps to include in your routine to guarantee yourself the best mood and the highest energy level the next morning.

1- Put on your best PJs

Rebecca Stead in her book, When You Reach Me, said: “Pajamas are good for the soul.” She is right. When you put on something soft, comfortable and un-restricting, you allow your blood to circulate freely in your body … your temperature to cool down … and your muscles to relax.
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