The Scientific Framework of Decision Making

By Hanan Awaad

Hanan Awaad President and Founder Corporita Inc.
Hanan Awaad
President and Founder
Corporita Inc.

Every day, science is researching new ways to improve the decision-making process. And for us – human being, we are also searching for the means to help us make the right decisions.

Decision making is all about maximizing our gains and minimizing our losses. To reach the right decision, science gave us a 3-steps framework known as the Daniel Bernoulli’s framework:


In this step, we gather all the information we believe needed to help in formulating the right decision.


It is all about sorting and categorizing the information we gathered,

Building relationships:

Finding the relationships between the known factors based on our analysis in the observation and classification steps in a causality manner (cause-effect).

As a career and professional woman, you will take decisions on a daily basis, regardless of your place in the hierarchy or the career model you follow (employee, self-employed, etc.). You will take decisions on whom to hire or partner with, what to buy, which project to get involved with. Some decisions might be way more significant than other decision.

Whatever how significant the decision is, when processing decisions, we tend optimistically to exaggerate the effect of the positive factors if we are predetermined to emphasize the positives and vice versa.

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    I can’t beelvie I’ve been going for years without knowing that.


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