Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind

Every single day we are bombarded with a multitude of media ads and commercials. In this media-addicted world, we have developed a system of ‘ranking’ the ads and commercials, where we place those ads in order from the most memorable to the least.  Sadly the world we live in casts out the ones that cannot convey their product to our consumer society.

In this marketing classic book, Ries and Trout go through some techniques and strategies to make your product, service or business stick in the minds of your audience.

Positioning describes a revolutionary approach to creating a "position" in a prospective customer's mind.
Positioning by Al Ries and ‎Jack Trout describes a revolutionary approach to creating a “position” in a prospective customer’s mind.
Strategy (1):  Be The First Fish In The Pond

If your concept is the first in a field, people will most likely remember you. This sets you apart from all the other brands because it shapes the image of the product in your consumer’s mind.

Strategy (2): Have A Memorable, Trendy Marketing Approach

You need to market your product in a way that it stays and resonates in your customers’ minds. The secret is once you find your niche positioning you have to stick with it or that can have backlashes to your business.

Strategy (3): Find A Niche

If your idea has already been used and your product is a follow-up product, you will have to to be recognized because even if your product out-classes your predecessor’s people will be more inclined to remember the original product rather than yours. Therefore, find a niche within this market. Another approach is to use the weaknesses of your competition in such a way that it benefits your company.

Strategy (4): Don’t Take A  Free Ride

Whether it’s your own or your competitors’, don’t try to take a “free ride” by using similar name to their famous name or other marketing ideas. People have already established a mental image of the product. If you try to introduce a new product under the guise of your original product (line-extension) will mean that one of the products will have to sacrifice its unique qualities for the other to succeed.

Strategy (5): Coin An Understandable And Memorable Name

Your brand name should be clear and comprehensible enough for your audience to remember. Choose a name that is simple rather than a fancy one. Generic names are sufficient because they describe the product effectively.

This book is a wonderful reference to every entrepreneur who aims at becoming a leader in a niche market among the intense competition.

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