Personal Strategic Planning

By Hanan Awaad

Hanan Awaad Publisher-at-Large Corporita Magazine
Hanan Awaad
Corporita Magazine

When I was 13, I sat with my friend in her room studying math. While taking a break, we decided to create our dream life for the coming 20 years. I picked the pen and used an empty page in my math book to write down my dreams, hopes, and goals. I wrote down 20 points that covered what I would be, my husband, my kids, where I live, how I look, and so many other things. I also wrote my three typical days: a busy day … a lazy day … and an adventurous day. In 2009, I had completed my 20 years strategic plan and achieved every single goal on my list. I lived my busy day, my lazy day and my adventurous day over and over and over.

In 2009, I found myself in need to create a new strategic plan … a new road map, but instead of making the plan, I got consumed in my busy life and lost my compass. I became a prisoner of my history, as Paulo Coelho said. So, this year I have decided to sit down and write my strategic plan and share the process with all the wonderful women out there.

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