No-Softies Animal Prints

By Hanan Awaad

Hanan Awaad PMP is the President and Founder of Corporita Inc., a Canadian training, consulting and communications firm based in the Waterloo Region and the Editor-in-Chief of Corporita Magazine.
Hanan Awaad  is the Editor-in-Chief of Corporita Magazine.

Every season, fashionistas around the world scan tens of magazines, newsletters, and websites to see what is the latest fashion trend. In the midst of trends, one trend never was ceased to live season after season. As a forever lover of animal no-Softies prints, I wonder why animal prints never go out of style since the time of our primitive ancestors. Almost all fashion designers included animal prints in their lines, and they keep doing this over and over either to give women something they lack or a tool to present something they already have. Leopards, Siberian tigers, zebras, cheetahs, snakes or even cows represent power, strength or swiftness.

Animal prints are statement prints, stylish simple style basics the boost your confidence instantly and unleashed instinct power.
Animal prints are a statement, stylish, simple style basics the boost your confidence instantly and unleashed instinct power.

Simon Doonan explains the fascination of humans with wearing animal prints in his book ‘Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You’: “When you don the pelt of a particular animal–snake, beaver, marmoset–the effect on the viewer is dramatic […]. You will instantly and shockingly be perceived as having the same traits as your chosen varmint. […] The wearing of moleskin says, “I am soft and velvety and mysterious and like to hide underground.” A mink coat says, “I’m a tough cookie. Though I may not have the wherewithal to kill you, please expect to be nipped on a regular basis.” The pelts of predators always give the impression that you are a man-stealing, window-smashing home wrecker. This also applies to the animal-printed fabric. The message of a leopard-print jumpsuit is evident, “I am a huntress who delights in eating the offal of her prey.” To me, animal prints – especially leopard – are statement prints. These stylish, simple style basics boost my confidence instantly as if they tape unleashed instinct power hidden deep in my soul. It is easy to play dress-up by pairing a leopard patterned jacket with black formal pants and a vibrant red blouse, or dress down by pairing it with dark-wash boot cut jeans.

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