Meet the Chief – Interview with Chief Kim Baird

Kim with her gorgeous daughters
Kim with her gorgeous daughters
Q. Being a mentor to girls, what are the critical skills that a good mentor has to acquire?

A good mentor needs to have excellent listening skills.  He/she needs to be supportive and also provide constructive criticism. 

Q. As you told me before, you grew up with brothers and been surrounded by men almost your entire life, a situation that many women nowadays find themselves, are there certain strategies or tactics, a woman in the male-dominated environment can use to succeed?

I think that growing up with males kind of dulled me to some gender dynamics others struggle with.  Aggressive masculine behavior is something that doesn’t ruffle me – which has helped ensure I’m not knocked off my goal in an interaction.  It also makes me a feminist by nature.  You can’t grow up in an environment like that without believing that women can do anything men can do, and I have proven it time and time again. 

Q. Public speaking and communication skills are among your most admired characteristics, how did you polish those skills?

I am fortunate that most of my leadership and communications skills are innate.  Lots of practice has helped – but I always try to push for improvement as well.  I am hard to please which has its downside but also provides for continued growth. 

Q. What is the book you recommend to your mentees?

I only read fiction or industry related articles – so don’t have a good recommendation on this front.

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