Meet the Chief – Interview with Chief Kim Baird

Q. How do you measure your success?

As a former chief, seeing better socioeconomic conditions in my community will be a determinant of success.  Over 1 billion worth of projects are being developed on Tsawwassen Lands right now, so we seem to be on the right past.  Getting my kids through to graduation and beyond will be another indicator.  As a consultant, I’ve decided to focus my career on assisting Aboriginal people to become more sustainable – primarily economically.  It is my screening lens when looking at current opportunities.  So far I have had various contracts that allow me to work on these issues, whether it is with First Nations, government or industry.  Another measure is to be economically sustainable myself, which was a new challenge I successfully confronted when I started my business.  These are all some measures – but there are much more. 

Q. Being a mother and a leader, how did you find your work-life balance?

I always struggle with work-life balance.  The guilt working Mothers feel a terrible thing.  I have given other working Moms a ton of advice, but I find it harder to take the advice.  I do my best to provide my daughters with a stable home, where they feel loved, safe and secure.  But for sure the struggle is worth it.  I am very proud of my daughters.

Q. In one of your blogs you thanked those who supported you while in transition, how can working women build their support circles?

There are tons of supports around.  Finding the right circles is the most challenging.   And sometimes social media can play a part in this if you have limited time to maintain your relationships 

Q. Who is your role model?

Other Coast Salish chiefs were my first role models.  Now I look at other chiefs, politicians, and leaders as well.  I’m drawn to those that champion First Nation issues, but I’m also drawn to passionate and authentic leaders on other topics as well. 

Originally posted 2016-06-27 03:13:21.

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