Lessons on Self-Love

Love yourself

No one is destined to love you forever. Only you can always be there for yourself. For years, I would seek approval from others to gain my sense of achievement. Today, I reward myself with encouraging words. Never expect others to give you what you need. Only you can find your way to the stars.

Care for yourself to care for others

Have you ever locked people out as you lay down in misery? Your relationship with yourself will determine your relationship with others. Treat yourself well for you will find yourself treating others well and earning good reputation on the job.

Self-love leads to forgiveness

Once you appreciate and embrace who you are, you become more accepting and appreciative of others. Your love for yourself helps to tolerate other’s behaviors and actions. And tolerance leads to effective collaboration on a team.

Last reflections

I acknowledge that my struggle continues, but I have made a strong commitment to love myself regardless. Being an ambitious woman in the workforce means looking out for yourself. Be your coach; love yourself and no matter what remember to celebrate the woman you are.

Originally posted 2016-02-19 01:16:27.

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