By Margarate High

Margaret High Author and Creator of JustNCase
Margaret High
Author and Creator of JustNCase

Nobody knows how long they will remain on this Earth. Nobody knows if they will be diagnosed with a terminal illness next week, or if they will be involved in a major car accident, or if they will have a fatal heart attack. It isn’t something that anyone can predict. But the fact remains that any of the above could happen to anyone at any time.
Our mortality isn’t a usual dinner table conversation and may be a very touchy subject for many people. Some outright refuse to talk about it although there’s a good possibility that they think about it. Even they know they can’t avoid it forever.
Sooner or later, our life will come to an end. There simply isn’t any way around it. And, when the inevitable arrives, somebody will have to take care of our affairs, whether we plan for it or not.

At a time when emotions are running high, where grief abounds, somebody has to make decisions about your final resting place, what to do with your pet budgie, who should get your wedding band, etc. and make any number of other choices. The kindest gift you can give anyone is answers to all the myriad questions that accompany the end of someone’s life.
“JustNCase” is a product of my own personal experience with my Mother and not being prepared in the event of a life-threatening emergency. It will provide you with tips and suggestions that will lessen the stress; it will inform you of the documents you will need to keep and why; it includes forms to be filled in with your Personal, Financial, and Medical Information; it includes a FREE copy of the Canadian Will Kit, it will prepare you in the event of a medical or family emergency; it keeps it all in one place; and it is the best gift you can give your family… Peace of Mind.

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