The Horse That Saved Us

          ‘Over the years, my grandma had reiterated story after story to her daughters, grandchildren and extended family members, what she and her family experienced in Latvia during peace, during the various occupations, at the start of the war, escaping to

save their life, and spending 5 years as a displaced person in Germany, before arriving in Canada.

Occasionally, people had said,

     “There should be a book written on this.’ Or “Someone in the family must write a book.”

Then one day in May 2013, someone in the family finally thought.

“This is it! I am going to write a book about this! And I am starting now!”

Since it is a story about my Grandma’s journey and as her native language is Latvian, she, therefore, resonates the most with this language. My Mother understands Latvian while I barely do. So to put all the facts together, she would dictate in Latvian to my mom. My mom then translated into English and wrote in point form within a few of her journals, and she would then hand these to me; bit by bit, section by section, over a span of 1 ½ years.  I then put all the info together and created a story.

Although my Mother and I did add some facts throughout, to add points of Historical reference, it is a story full of  Love and  Laughter and not just Fear and Darkness.  It is about Family staying together against the odds. It is History..actually, HERstory.

            ‘As the war was still breaking out, sounds of sirens were a constant state of our everyday lives. We were in perpetual fear, and an eerie feeling engulfed us all. We would crawl through filthy, corroded pipes to safety and my mama would push me to the front to make sure I would be safe; as safe as can be. We would wait minutes to hours for the sirens to cease, huddled together tightly.

My journey has involved many twists, turns, and delays of various kinds, though I feel an urge to tell and publish my family’s story. I am determined to forge ahead with my vision and dream as a writer.

I am trusting that as many people and families read my book, they will be able to relate; perhaps even be inspired.

And it is coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “The Horse That Saved Us

  • May 18, 2016 at 2:09 am

    Tia, your journey is so inspirational! You had big dreams and didn’t wait for someone to knock at your door for opportunities. Congrats on this achievement. I cannot wait for the book!

  • April 24, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    Wow – such personal, vivid stories bring history back to life, to not forget!


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