Investments That Will Change Your Life

By Hanan Awaad 

Hanan Awaad Editor-in-chief Corporita Magazine
Hanan Awaad
Corporita Magazine

I believe that once we start our wisdom seeking journey, we will be able to recognize new things in our world. I am always searching for ways to make my life and the lives of others better, and I believe that some investments will change your life for the better.

The concept of investing focus on working on the present to get a future gain and to me anything that creates success is an investment.

The Philosophy Of Investing

Investing is thinking ahead and building a rewarding future. For example, imagine that you invested in a rental property; this means that you expect that you get rewards in the future. But the biggest and most important investment a person should make is to themselves. If you don’t take care of yourself today, you will not have anything to offer to yourself or others tomorrow. And most probably you will feel guilt and shame that will deplete your confidence and energy.


The first significant investment to make today for a better future is investing in your HEALTH! No matter what is your current health level, if you don’t take the decision to invest in your health today, you will lose tomorrow. If you don’t take care of your body, your body will not take care of you. In Chinese medicine the key to health is energy, and energy is flow and movement. We are responsible for our health, and this will lead to healing. Once we become conscious of what moves in and out of your body, we start to take control of our health and our destiny.

Be Aware Of The ‘HALTT’ Mode

The most common disruptive mode to our lives is one that is known as HALTT: H..A..L..T..T. If you are Hungry, or Angry, or Lonely, or Thirsty, or Tired, you are most probably going to feel fatigued and not able to perform. The right food gives you energy..and the wrong foods such your energy. The right people inject energy in your life, lack of sleep makes you tired, and once you are in an HALTT mode, your mind will become exhausted, and you will lose your focus.


The second significant investment you have to do today for a rewarding future is investing in your MIND and your knowledge. Knowledge trigger emotions and emotions create a flow of energy. Invest in books, whether written or audio. Books bring knowledge, and books bring your dreams and aspirations to life.


EXPERIENCES are also investments. Some experiences and activities take energy from your life, and some experiences inject energy into your life. Think only of those activities that refresh your mind and cleanse your heart. I am a firm believer in the value of displacement. If you want to change a bad habit, you need to displace it and introduce a good practice instead, and you can replace negative thoughts with good ones. The right experiences and activities you perform, especially on a daily basis, will help you create healthy habits.


You also need to invest in your FOCUS. You might have several passions, but you need to dedicate uninterrupted attention to one passion at a time to create the results you want. Consider those continuous focus periods as deposits invested in your mind to keep it active and interested.


You also need to invest in your MOTIVATION and your burning desire to accomplish something big! You know when we fail? It is when we lose our motivation. Zig Zigler says that just like we wash our clothes to keep them clean, we need to maintain and sustain our motivation.

There is a difference between being inspired and being motivated. You get inspired to take the first step, but you are motivated to reach the finish line. Motivation will help yo seriously deal with distractions.

One important aspect of investing in our motivation is investing our surroundings and environment. What enters your brain through your senses affects your perception of your life. What you see, smell, hear touch and taste either ignite your enthusiasm or damp it.


Invest in your RELATIONSHIPS. Start with the closest relationships. Everyone around you reciprocates what you give them. And the biggest investment in a  relationship is time. Time buys what money can’t buy–love people like those who listen to them, acknowledge their feelings and encourage them. Asking questions starts conversations. You might not be able to understand your partner, love them anyway!

Investing in your relationships will create the support system you need in the present and the future. Talk to others to create bonds, use gifts to express your feelings, use words to create intimacy, do favours even small ones, get excited about other people’s success.

It’s also important to invest in our relationships with ourselves. Who is that person who is with you 24/7? It’s you! You are your lifetime companion. And we talk to ourselves all the time. We don’t have a switch to turn off our self-talk– by making something nice for yourself..take yourself to a date, dress nicely not to impress others but to please yourself, dance as if no one is watching. Jane Winter said, “You’re your own soul-mate.”


Invest in your SOUL, without talking much about religion, faith or beliefs, your soul or your spirit is an integral component of yourself. Your soul is life itself, not only our minds process our thoughts, but our hearts as well. Gratitude feeds the heart, and the heart changes our desires, our life goals and our achievements.

Our spirituality moves our souls, and our souls build our confidence. Our souls control our morality and integrity. Our minds are always hunting for our personal gains, but our souls are giving us our inner peace and joy and hope. Silence nourishes our souls as wells as repetitions of motivational words and mantras.


The last investment that will change your life is investing in CASHFLOW. Despite the way we have been raised accordingly or the values we inherited from our families, money is necessary, and we cannot ignore our financial well being. But accumulating wealth is not the guarantee for a secured future–cash flow is. There are many stories of adversaries that burnt wealth, cursed money earned from people’s misery and suffering disappeared in vain.

When I was young, I met a wise window, she was illiterate and had no formal education, but she told me how she managed her money. She said to me, although what I earn is so little, I only live in half of it, I give some to God, some to my family and the rest I save it for the future. She explained to me how she invested what she saved in farmland and property. She told me “farms would not stop producing, and people will not stop eating.”

You might be in a stage of life whether you are hardly able to make ends meet, but as long as you keep investing in yourself, you will create the opportunities you need to earn more. Once you decide to live on the part of your earnings not all of it, think of that cash flow we were talking about earlier.

Those were the investment that you can make today for an enjoyable present and a rewarding future: your health, your mind, you experience, your focus, your relationship, your motivation, your soul and your cash flow.

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