Give Yourself a DIY Makeover

By Hanan Awaad

In the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ , the brilliant writer and actress Nia Vardalos gives herself a makeover. I can relate to her easily like many girls and women struggled with body image issues , self-confidence and most importantly having no mentor to guide them and teach them how to look and feel awesome.

It took me years to learn how to dress my body type and love my reflection in the mirror.
It took me years to learn how to dress my body type and love my reflection in the mirror.

Being a nerdy kid with a pushy mom , who pushed me over and over to study more and observe the highest standards of modesty, made my relationship to style and clothes a love-hate kind of relation. I knew how to dress nicely , but the choice was not mine. With my mom in the driver’s seat all the time and the piles of the hand-me clothes from her and my aunts I had no excuse to go and get what I really wanted. For years and years, I was stuck in ageing clothes that belonged to a different generation. I wanted to have bangs , but not allowed to have the same … I wanted to wear nice Ts, but according to mom’s standards , girls should wear blouses, not Ts. From time to time, my father took me on a shopping spree and I managed to get nice pieces.

Years passed by and in the university, I was the only girl studying mechanical engineering among 90 boys. With no education in style or fashion and my desire to project the image of the tough girl , I trapped myself in oversized shirts and baggy jeans. Until after graduation, I hated how I looked and I hated all my clothes.

After graduation , I immediately got a job as an engineer with a relatively big salary. And only at that time , I started my own journey to transform how I look and how I feel about my image, and I wanted to share that journey with you.

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    That’s really shrdwe! Good to see the logic set out so well.


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