Family Development Units (FDUs)

By Hanan Awaad

Hanan Awaad Publisher-at-Large Corporita Magazine
Hanan Awaad
Corporita Magazine
In every profession, you have to maintain your certification by earning PDUs or Professional Development Units. My husband and I are certified in several fields and we have to keep our certification by attending educational workshops, reading or by doing something that might enhance our knowledge and skills in that field.
Lately, my husband came with a brilliant idea; FDUs, or Family Development Units. Every time we do something for the family it’s considered a family development activity and we receive Family Development Units (FDUs). This can be: buying groceries, supporting kids’ studies, having coffee (just the two of us) or attending a sports event. Tasks, gestures of love and activities related to the kids or one another can earn us Family Development Units (FDUs). I loved the idea so much.
Nurture your family dynamics with Family Development Units (FDUs)
Nourish your family dynamics with Family Development Units (FDUs)
I believe that all relationships – especially family relations – need so much work to be nourished and to become stronger. We need to be involved with each other and learn about each other. By the time we get drifted in different roads , so having the concept of FDUs in mind made us think of ways to nourish this family and come closer. Making our relationships as partners and as parents stronger needs planning , dedicating time to each other and finding activities that make us happy while being together. The FDUs was coined as a new terminology in my household that reflects deeper meaning . The new term means “ I care about you … I love being with you … I am happy doing things with you … and I am happier doing things for you.”
Give it a try. Construct a list of activities that will get you closer to each other and start earning your Family Development Units (FDUs).

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