Corporita Quarterly Editions

The Corporita Magazine family is a team of extraordinary and charismatic women – and sometimes men – who all have one main goal: to revamp and take over the publication world geared towards women. We’re building a platform and an active online community which is intended to be the go-to place for working women of all backgrounds to directly share their experiences, ideas and wisdom with other like-minded business and career women. We believe that we all have a lot to learn from – and to share with- each other, and Corporita Magazine is the medium we can all use to do just that. We are also building an extensive business directory of services and businesses for working Canadian women.

At Corporita Magazine, we are thrilled and so excited to bring to you our Corporita Quarterly edition; a compilation of our best articles and stories comes to your fingertips every quarter. Reading our Corporita Quarterly will give your progress on the professional and personal levels the momentum to leap and reach higher places in your journey to success. Corporita Quarterly editions are just a click away.

Corporita Special Edition for the International Women's Day 2016
Corporita Special Edition for the International Women’s Day 2016
Corporita Quarterly Edition - June 2016
Corporita Quarterly Edition – June 2016


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