Clean Slate with Smart Organizing

5- The Five Piles Strategy
The Five Piles
The Five Piles

Decluttering is a daunting process that is why a whole profession was built upon it – professional organizing. Assign 5 containers (no need to buy containers, use what you have):  Keep, Donate, Re-purpose, Sell and Trash.

Hold each item in the area you tackle and give yourself 30 seconds to determine which pile to put it. Allowing yourself such a short time to think will help you not getting cold feet and deciding to keep it, ending up with everything in the ‘Keep’ pile. Ask yourself: do I love it? did I use it during the last six months? does it have a real monetary value? can I re-purpose it and use it in a different room or for a different use? is it worn , torn, or broken? Based on your answer, you can decide which pile to put the item in. Take the Donate and Trash piles as soon as possible out of the house.

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