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An Interview with Derek of

We are all travellers, but not all of us live life out of a suitcase. Most of the Canadians know that travel opens us to the wonders of the world; it makes us appreciate the unusual nature; it connects us with people and culture and encourages us to experience different tastes, smells, and textures.

When you live in a country that is associated with cold and snow, it was difficult to favour a winter getaway to a sunny beach vacation. However, Canadian climate is so diverse from region to region, and you might be missing a rich, vital experience listening to misconceptions.

Alberta is one lucky province that enjoys “Chinook”, an occasionally warm dry wind coming from the Rocky Mountains and gusts through and melts the snow. That is why we contacted one of the trusted Canadian travellers asking for his advice.

Derek, from The Uncharted Traveller, recommends escaping the routine and blues of winter in the city to a breathtaking getaway in Kananaskis country. Derek says that he spent one of his best years in Alberta and Kananaskis is by far his favourite part of Canada. He continues: “A Winter getaway in Canada is not only a less expensive idea but also an experience which allows you to appreciate the simple things in life and to do so in such a way that you could never learn on a sun bed in Mexico”.
Q. What a traveller will experience in Kananaskis?

A. For anyone who has never been; the stillness of a morning in Kananaskis Country is enough to remove every single thought of Puerta Vallarta from even the most cynical of minds. Snow covered peaks provide the backdrop in the Rocky Mountains, and as the glacial lakes begin to crack at first light, the cool fresh air serves only to emphasise that beautiful feeling when you get lost in a moment.

Q. Where to stay?

A. The towns of Banff and Canmore are two places to stay near Kananaskis where comfort, ruggedness and adventure meets nature, where the embers of a fireside bring warmth after a day on the mountain.

Q. What to do there other than enjoying stillness?

A. Hiking and horseback riding are two awesome activities to do there, where hiking trails stretching past the horizon.

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