The Art of Saving the Cauliflower

By Hanan Awaad
Hanan Awaad President and Founder Corporita Inc.
Hanan Awaad
President and Founder
Corporita Inc.

This is not about a new environmental movement … or a new recipe … or maybe it is. In addition to being a juggler, like so many other working moms all over the world; I am also a tightrope walker. This means that I have limited budgets of money and time. Once I enter my house, I juggle tens of tasks, and if one slips … my whole schedule will be messed up.

Now, imagine me boiling the cauliflower to prepare a healthy dinner for my family, reading a very important document sent to me by my client, thinking in the background of my mind of tomorrow’s to-do list, constantly reminding the kids to concentrate on finishing their homework, trying to be an effective peacemaker and struggling to distract myself from the pain caused by my ear infection. In the midst of events, my cauliflower got over-boiled. Just about to throw it in the garbage, I remembered that I am living green and I have to find a way. And I did. Simply I used the over-boiled cauliflower to make a pie.

Like what was about to happen to my cauliflower, each Canadian produced about 183 kg of food waste annually according to Statistics Canada in 2007 , and the most recent statistics available states that 640 kgs of food wasted per person per year (more than 3 folds!!!!!!) . Food waste is like a hole in our pockets that drain our resources down.

Cauliflower Pie Email me at and I will send you my secret recipe
Cauliflower Pie
Email me at and I will send you my secret recipe

As in Quality Management and Risk Management, for each problem, there are two types of solutions, corrective action to solve the problem and correct the undesired outcome, and a preventive action to prevent this problem from happening again. Hundreds or maybe thousands of bloggers and journalists write frequently on how to cut your grocery bill and how to spend less on food, few talked about what happens to food wasted on our tables or inside our fridges, and fewer are talking about preventing waste.

The idea of wasting and extravagance struck my mind as I remembered the amounts of foods we serve on our tables, especially when we have guests. I also have this belief that the amount of food available in the world is enough and sufficient to feed every individual on this planet.

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