1. Double Chin: apply a contour colour darker than your normal shade to the jawline, and blend it down to the neck.
  2. Nose Slimming: apply a line of lighter colour to the centre of your nose.
  3. A natural everyday look: use neutral and earth shades and avoid shimmery eyeshadows.
  4. Large Pores: wash your face with cold water and always use a pore-minimizing makeup primer.
  5. Frequent Breakouts: clean your brushes and makeup tools including sponges frequently.
  6. Caky Makeup: use high-definition powders with fine grains to set your makeup.
  7. Excess oil: use blotting paper or compact powder on those oily areas, usually the T-Zone.
  8. Accentuate your eye colour: use brown or purple eyeshadow for green eyes; use pink, gold, and bronze for blue eyes; all colours could be used for brown eyes.
  9. No Time to Contour: use two shades of compact powder, the darker on the outer parts of your face and the lighter on the centre.
  10. Travelling: collect makeup samples from makeup counters and pack them with you when travelling.

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